Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising Program

Fashion Buyer

Students are instructed on how to become a professional fashion buyer…either as a career choice working for a department store, or, as a buyer for their own boutique.

The “Buying Segment” of the Fashion Merchandising Program is taught via “Hands-On” training in the wholesale fashion industry by FCI instructors and by actual working fashion industry professionals. The “Open-to-Buy” formula is studied as part of the “Buying Plan” in addition to seasonal buying instruction.

Private Label
Students are instructed on all aspects of private label and branding by the owner of a local private label company with offices in China.

Fashion Showroom Representative
Students will learn the duties and tasks of a fashion showroom representative. Students shall be instructed on how to work in a fashion showroom and assist fashion buyers with their orders. Students will be instructed on how to present lines of clothing to buyers. Students shall be instructed in sales techniques, and students shall be instructed in fashion showroom customer service. Students will be instructed on how to present “groupings” and basic “fashion coordination”.

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Wholesale Fashion Business
Students will learn the strategies of organizing and operating their own wholesale fashion business by actual working fashion entrepreneurs.

Retail Fashion Business
Students will be instructed on how to open a retail boutique. Students are taught how to negotiate a lease, how to select a location, and how to obtain merchandise. Students are also instructed on how to obtain store fixtures, how to set up their floor plan, and how to set up their visual display.

Fashion Internships
As part of the Fashion Buyer and Fashion Showroom Representative training, students are required to intern in wholesale fashion companies assigned by FCI.

Fashion Market Week
Students are required to intern in a minimum of one Fashion Market Week. Students will be working with European and American fashion buyers and designers for an exciting “real life” fashion experience!

Las Vegas Trade Shows
As an “extra-curricular” activity, new students are invited to join FCI faculty and enrolled students in a 3-4 day tour to attend the various Las Vegas Trade Shows; (Magic, Project, Stitch, etc., etc), held twice a year.